Sheila, Founder of Seeds of Nutrition, is a Master Nutrition Therapist and a Gut Sleuth™ that helps health-minded individuals uncover the root cause of their ailments so they can find their happy energetic selves. 


Sheila’s passion for functional nutrition and her focus on gut health stems from the benefits she herself has experienced from nutritional therapy. She received her training from the Nutritional Therapy Institute, and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. Also having a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Education, her combined background makes Sheila an empathetic client partner, health educator and practitioner.

Previously as the Lead Nutritionist, Sheila collaborated with Functional Medicine practitioners within an Internal Medicine office. As a certified Brain Health Coach and Heartmath Practitioner, Sheila recognizes that all systems within the body are interconnected; therefore, unexpected sources can impact overall health.

Sheila keeps her nutritional knowledge current by regularly researching the latest nutritional discoveries, attending conferences, continuing education and collaborating with colleagues in the health and wellness community.  

Giving Back

Sheila and her family were blessed with a tremendous amount of support during her journey with cancer.  Helping others currently battling cancer is a priority for Sheila.  She shares her story to groups in an effort to raise awareness and encourage both life-saving stem cell and blood product donations.  Sheila also enjoys volunteering with both the Small Choices Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their care givers, and the Dear Jack Foundation which supports the physical and emotion needs of adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors.  Sheila also donates a portion of proceeds to cover costs associated with nutritional services for cancer patients in need.

When Sheila is not working as a nutritionist, she cherishes time with her husband and son.  Whether she is watching one of her son’s sporting events, skiing or cycling, she loves living in the beautiful state of Colorado.   Sheila can also be frequently found in the kitchen cooking for family and friends.
Sheila was introduced to me by my business coach who believes in peak performance.  I was impressed with her knowledge and her ability to explain how nutrition can really impact how we feel and perform.  I reached out to Sheila for some one on one work after I developed a medical condition and thought she could possibly help me through diet.  I was working with four different doctors running various tests, scans and blood work who had no answers for me.  Sheila on the other hand developed a nutrition regime and provided me the support to be able to implement it.  She also tested my nutrient levels and was able to help me find supplements where I was deficient.  After only 30 days I felt significantly better and 60 days later I was virtually symptom free. It is great to have my health back and be more conscious of the nutrients I need to take care of my body.  I am grateful for the help from Sheila.

Shelia talked to us about nutrition as a part of our month-long corporate wellness challenge. She accommodated my request to provide ideas to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets but also built on that with an informative presentation about why nutrition is important and what happens in our bodies when we fuel them with good foods. Shelia is very knowledgeable, positive, and has a great approach to helping individuals navigate the overwhelming amount of information out there about nutrition. Her visit sparked lots of conversations and was very well received. I would recommend incorporating a visit from Shelia as a part of any wellness plans individuals or groups have for the new year

Sheila, blends her extensive knowledge of a holistic approach to nutrition with my body’s specific needs. After my evaluation, we decided on a workable plan and here is where I learned that this was not the end in itself. Sheila’s insight into the emotional/physiological aspect of making changes gave me and continues to give me the support I need to keep on going forward, stay positive about myself and the outcome and be patient. I am healthier and continue to learn about all the ‘seeds’ of nutrition I am taught. I will keep on going down this road with Sheila and I am most grateful for her.

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