Eating while Traveling

While vacations are great, if you are the meal planner and prepper in your household getting ready for a vacation can also mean additional steps, or even a little stress. Especially if you or someone in your family has food restrictions.

A little planning goes a long way. Too many changes in our eating can result in a recurrence of old symptoms or leave us feeling unwell. We were fortunate to kick off our summer with an early vacation when my son’s school finished up for the year. I thought I would share a few tips about how I navigate eating while on vacation in the hopes that it will be helpful.

Usually when we travel, we stay in places with kitchens. If driving to the destination I’ll pack a cooler of food and supplies. When flying, we stop at the grocery store after arriving at our destination to shop for food. But this year we spent the first couple of nights of our trip without a kitchen, which we haven’t done in years, maybe even decades. And I have to say, it was spectacular! I love to cook (and love to eat even more) but not cooking, grocery shopping, meal planning, etc., provided a welcomed respite!

Having food allergies myself, I know that finding places to eat while traveling requires a little extra research. Using apps like Yelp and searching for ‘gluten free’ ‘paleo’ or ‘farm to table’ food or restaurant are helpful for identifying options. Reading reviews on Yelp or Google can provide additional insight as well. When ordering at restaurants don’t hesitate to ask for modifications to your meals.