Healthy Summer

Transitioning into summer, I am always ready to switch up our meals- lighter options, with fresh, locally grown veggies. Eating from your garden, local farmer’s markets or CSAs all provide options for fresh produce. You can search for a local CSA here. If you are new to gardening, my colleague recently published a gardening book, that you may find helpful.

Summer Meals

Looking for some new recipes to add to the mix? Here’s a few we’ve been enjoying at our house.


If you have an increase in activity and find yourself sweating more, you may want to consider increasing your hydration. General rule of thumb is half your weight in ounces to start, and then increase if consuming diuretics (e.g. caffeine and alcohol). You may also find electrolytes helpful for staying hydrated. Electrolytes are minerals that help regulate fluid balance, nerves and muscle contractions.You can buy electrolytes or even make your own by combining a few mineral-rich ingredients.

Electrolyte Recipe

  • A pinch of sea salt or pink Himalayan
  • Juice squeezed from lemon, lime or orange
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • All mixed in 16 ounces of water

Healthy Life-Style Habits

  • Keep moving! Exercise has multiple physical and mental health benefits. Did you know even a 10 minute walk after eating helps to lower blood sugar?
  • Days are longer, but we still need adequate sleep – ideally 7-8 hours. With the sun coming up earlier, I find myself naturally waking up earlier. It’s the perfect time to get outside, exercise and beat the heat. You can find a few sleep hygiene or supporting circadian rhythm tips here.
  • Getting a few minutes of sun everyday helps to raise our vitamin D levels. If spending an extended period of time in the sun, protecting your skin with a low toxin sunscreen can be beneficial. I find the EWG Skin Deep to be a great resource for all skincare products, including sunscreen.

If you have travel plans this summer and would like healthy eating ideas while traveling, you can find some tips here.

Happy Summer!