Summer Recipes

Summer has arrived, which means BBQs and summer potlucks.

When have dietary restrictions and/or have transitioned to a whole foods based diet, it can be a challenge to decide what to bring to a summer meal with friends. We may worry about bringing something that seems ‘too healthy’ or be concerned that no one will want to eat what we bring. As a nutritionist mom of a teenage son, I get it. I have shared previously how I have been very intentional about not wanting Sawyer to feel like he is the kid with ‘the weird food’. My son’s friend was over for dinner recently. When he was thanking us for having him, he added- you always have fresh food, it’s nice. Most people like trying new foods and enjoy new meal ideas. Next time you are deciding what to dish to share, opt for something you like and I bet others will enjoy it too.

Below are some of the summer dishes we enjoy. Feel free to modify to your dietary needs. Enjoy and happy summer!

Salads and Sides

Main Dish Salads